Visual Identity & Website

Stoneleaf Landscape

Stoneleaf Landscape designs and builds premium outdoor spaces.
Pono developed a visual and written language system and a suite of marketing and branding materials to show Stoneleaf's audience who they are, what they do, and where they do it.

Content SEO particularly played an essential role in the success of Stoneleaf's website. Generally, it takes 2-6 months to gain search momentum. Still, shortly after launching, has ranked in the top 10 search results for many of the keywords we identified, bringing organic traffic directly to the website. This was made possible by effectively combining content strategy, copywriting, and SEO strategy.

  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Development

Stoneleaf Landscape Design & Build logo

Some examples of logo orientations and color combinations—part of the logo suite

Highlights from the Stoneleaf visual brand guide

Stoneleaf color palette, inspired by local materials used by the company

Website -

Hat design concept

Mug design concept

Truck / trailer graphics and lawn sign

“Working with the team at PONO has been a smooth and enjoyable process from start to finish.

From initial logo ideas to final asset delivery, PONO has been extremely creative, helpful, and involved every step of the way. PONO has created branding for us that we are proud of and would recommend their services to anyone.”

Jeff Johnson
Owner/Director of Design & Sales
Stoneleaf Landscape Design & Build

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