Visual Identity

Human Up!

Human Up! is a queer-owned business that makes handmade merchandise and custom paintings. Their mission is to provide affordable, locally-made Pride apparel for the LGBTQ+ community, by the LGBTQ+ community.

Pono created the logo and brand to show the world how Human Up! is here to uplift inclusivity and community for LGBTQ+ folks.

  • Creative Direction
  • Design


Logo badges with branded and inclusive color themes

T-shirt designs

Visual Identity highlights

Logo used on various handmade and custom merchandise

Tote bag and hat design

Social media profile graphics

“Pono shares our values of supporting fellow artists and social justice organizations.

Pono Design Studio was an excellent resource to us during the process of creating a logo for Human Up. The designers went above and beyond by not only creating a graphic that embodied our vision, but by offering us guidance and assistance during the early stages of our business. They were very receptive to our ideas and enhanced them, bringing them to life more than we could have imagined.”

Arden Lapin
Co-founder & Artist
Human Up!

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