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Jean Cozier is an unwavering donor and supporter of Resilience and the founder of Awakenings, a non-profit dedicated to making visible the artistic endeavors of survivors of sexual violence. Through Resilience, Jean has founded Dinner Table Dialogues, a space for passionate, active supporters to use their voices and platforms to bring a greater awareness of the impact of sexual violence on our culture.

Pono donated its design services to support Jean's endeavor by creating its visual identity. Jean said that the work people do to stand against and prevent sexual violence oftentimes isn't a topic that comes up at dinner with friends. It's "the elephant in the room." This is what inspired the visual identity, along with Jean's desire to create an opportunity to break bread while breaking the silence.

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The identity for Dinner Table Dialogues was inspired by sexual violence being "the elephant in the room."

“Pono created a design and logo for our project that not only captured our vision, but completely exceeded our expectations.
In addition to creating all of our design and brand development needs, they hit the mark on all of the brand assets, including social media images, website assets, and email communication graphics. Pono is one of the best design firms we’ve ever worked with.”
Amy O’Keefe
Director Of Development

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