Visual Identity

Leviathan Productions

Leviathan is a new, independent production company focusing on telling Jewish stories through television and film.

Pono developed a visual identity system that spoke to the heritage and mission of the company in a sophisticated and subtle way.  “Leviathan,” a mythical sea serpent that appears several times in the Hebrew Bible, represents strength, mystery, and the profound power of legend. We created a visual identity that incorporated this symbolism through the beauty of the sea and the power of storytelling to convey the company’s roots and mission.

  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Development

The Leviathan logo mark features curls of a wave and was designed as a modern take on the historically ornate, oversized drop cap letters you find at the beginning of a story.

Leviathan logos

Highlights from the Leviathan visual brand guide

Leviathan color palette, inspired by the namesake origins

Embossed logo closeup

Business cards

Social media profile graphics

Landing page

“The team at Pono delivered materials for us that greatly exceeded our expectations.

Lisa, Lauren, and Paul asked probing and thoughtful questions and carefully listened to our often ambiguous answers. The resulting logo and brand identity they created for us perfectly express the unique qualities of our company. It’s beautiful, elegant and powerful. We plan to continue our relationship with Pono, and collaborate with them on many more projects.”

Ben Cosgrove
Leviathan Productions

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