Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

A starter guide to creating more mindful work by Pono Design.

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Inclusive creative is all our responsibility

When it comes down to it, design is a form of communication—a way to visually speak to the world.

Whether that’s through a webpage with global reach or an advertisement seen by a single community, the designers and writers involved have an opportunity to communicate with accuracy and respect to our diverse, lived experiences. The photos chosen, the symbols created, and the words used tell the world what is believed to be important and true. And with a population of over 8 billion, that is a massive responsibility.

This is why diversity and inclusion matter so much in our work.

Including alternate text for screen readers, considering someone who cannot distinguish between colors in graphs, and using gender-inclusive language are just a few examples of how creatives can help bring people together rather than push them away.

To do our part, the team at Pono created a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Guide. We put this guide together utilizing our experiences, research, and participation in DE&I events and trainings. It was meant to help our team internally, but we are sharing it with our fellow creatives in case it inspires something in your own line of work. We invite anyone with additional experience to reach out and help us improve upon this ever-evolving guide.

As we continue to make it our priority to focus on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility at Pono, we plan to continue this conversation and hope to grow as a team and as a creative community. We all have a lot to learn, and a lot that we can share along the way.

Download the Guide