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The Dobro Group is a woman-owned and operated collaborative marketing and media outfit.

Through our partnership, we’ve produced a wide range of work including their visual identity, website, branded swag, and company photoshoot.

The Ask

The Dobro Group is a growing company we’ve partnered with from the launch of their business to the rebrand of their website. One aspect that makes this company unique is the owner’s Croatian heritage—“Dobro” is a Croatian word and an important element for the brand, as well as its meaning, “good”.

Our Process

  • Client consultation
  • Brand & heritage research
  • Typography exploration
  • Conceptualization
  • Collaboration and feedback
  • Execution of final visual brand guidelines & assets
Logo Design Exploration

The Work

Visual Identity Design

The owner’s Croatian connection was reflected in the name and written brand story, we carried this through visually by using a font created by Croatian designer Nikola Djurek. Its boldness offers weight and strength, and its overall design offers a distinct and memorable look for the brand.

Branded Assets

Beyond the visual identity, we designed business assets including stationery, wall prints, swag, and a custom capabilities deck.

Branded Items


In addition to a content restructure, The Dobro Group was looking to refresh their website’s visual feel including new custom photography and new brand assets.

We moved their site from SquareSpace to Webflow and created a visual atmosphere that felt right for the brand. We went from a light background to dark, used large visuals, implemented new iconography, included new features and call outs, and added subtle transitions to create an elegant web presence to draw viewers in.


One challenge many brands face is what images they can use to help them stand apart from their competitors, especially when you sell a service rather than a product. So we worked with The Dobro Group to get them a library of custom photos.

The production of the photoshoot started by working with The Dobro Group on their vision, needs, and ideas. Themes that were important to them were style, their unique personalities & interests, collaboration, and the inclusion of their agency partners.

From there we created an inspiration board, shot list, and scouted locations. We brought on our photographer and worked through a flow and detailed schedule. We put together a list of props including custom-designed materials to brand the space. Onset, we staged and styled every detail from the placement of the plants to the items on the shelves to the post-it notes on the wall. Every element was meticulously positioned with a purpose. It was the details that made this shoot something The Dobro Group could call their own.

Photographer: Angela Renée Photography


“Pono was invaluable in creating and now elevating my brand The Dobro Group.”

“Their thoughtful design is inspiring, strategic, and functional for use across many mediums. The process from start to finish was completely seamless and turnkey. It is truly an understatement to say my expectations were blown away. I am beyond pleased with and proud of my business identity. Pono will continue to be our trusted partners and allies.”

Ani Johnson - Principal & Founder, The Dobro Group

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