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Plume is the creator of the worlds first Smart Home Services platform that delivers fast and reliable WiFi, security, and privacy throughout your home.

We partner with Plume to create B2B and B2C marketing and sales enablement materials including interactive white papers, email systems, social media ad campaigns, datasheets, partner tools, tradeshow booths, and more.

The Ask

Plume’s offering and what makes them unique can be a complex story to tell. Visuals paired with clear and concise content are key in helping explain and showcase their products and services.

Having recently rebranded with evolving variations between their B2B and B2C markets, we transition through one visual story to the next on each project.

Our Process

  • Continuous brand exploration and adaption
  • Communication, project kick-offs, & status meetings
  • Project conceptualization, concepting, copywriting, wireframing, & execution
  • Collaboration and feedback

The Work

Business to Business

Plume partners with over-the-top Service Providers (OTT-SP), MSO & Telco SPs, and IoT & smart home device makers, all of which have “a vested interest in high-performing, consistent Wi-Fi around the home.” We support these relationships on a variety of projects that help communicate what Plume offers in a way their partner’s consumers can understand.

Smart Home Services Brochure
Presentation Slides

Business to Consumer

Plume offers its consumers premium Wi-Fi with products and services that create a more efficient and reliable smart home experience. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been given a real opportunity to help communicate how Plume can support professionals working from home and students learning from home.

“There’s a big difference between design doers and design thinkers and the folks at Pono are definitely the latter.”

“At Plume, we turn to Pono to help solve problems using design as their toolbox. They have been true partners in every sense of the word and feel like an invaluable extension of our Marketing team. We can always trust that from the first draft, they will exceed our expectations.”

Terri Falvey - Director of Content Marketing, Plume

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