Case Study:


Humanup is a queer-owned business that makes handmade merchandise and custom paintings. Their mission is to provide the LGBTQ+ community with affordable Pride apparel made locally from a company that supports LGBTQ+ rights.

In exchange for our design services, Human up is creating a fundraiser as well as donating custom items and pride packages to local LGBTQ+ youth centers and shelters. We are proud to have worked with this inclusive and inspiring brand to help them spread their message of love, pride, and social justice.

The Ask

Human up wanted a logo and brand to express their values of inclusivity and community for LGBTQ+ folks. “We make everything by hand which makes each of our products unique. Instead of trying to profit off of the LGBTQ+ Community, we have the goal of keeping our merchandise affordable and accessible to those who want to proudly express themselves. We want to be a safe space, both in person and through our online presence on Instagram, for Queer people.”

Some particulars they shared were their love of 70’s fonts and bright colors.

Our Process

  • Client consultation
  • Brand & LGBTQ+ community research
  • Extensive typography exploration including hand lettering
  • Conceptualization
  • Collaboration and feedback
  • Finalization of the visual identity
Logo Exploration

The Work

Visual Identity Design

Inspired by Human Up’s positive message and community support, it was a pleasure creating a logo they can call their own.

“Pono shares our values of supporting fellow artists and social justice organizations.”

“Pono Design Studio was an excellent resource to us during the process of creating a logo for Human Up. The designers went above and beyond by not only creating a graphic that embodied our vision, but by offering us guidance and assistance during the early stages of our business. They were very receptive to our ideas and enhanced them, bringing them to life more than we could have imagined.”

Arden Lapin - Co-Founder & Artist, Human up

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