Case Study:

Dinner Table Dialogues

Dinner Table Dialogues is a group of passionate, active donors who are interested in engaging the public to bring about a greater awareness of the impact of sexual abuse on our culture. Founded by Jean Cozier, major Resilience donor and founder of Awakenings.

We donated our design services to this project because we support survivors of sexual violence and believe in giving back to those who work towards a better world.

The Challenge

Resilience reached out to us to design the visual identity for Dinner Table Dialogues. The project kicked off with a napkin sketch given to us as direction (see below). It was described as the setting where important conversations would occur, aka around the dinner table, and the elephant on the plate represented the topic of sexual abuse, or "the elephant in the room" as it's often something that can feel difficult or uncomfortable to talk about.

Our Process

  • Project briefing
  • Awareness & community research
  • Project conceptualization & execution
  • Collaboration and feedback

The Work

Though we didn't create a literal translation of the sketch, we did like the idea of including an elephant as a reminder of the important topic where thoughts and ideas would be shared. We kept the depiction light and a bit whimsical to offer the understanding that though the topic is serious, the events are meant to be enjoyable with positive and encouraging conversation while sharing a meal.

Visual Brand Guide
Thank You Graphic

“Pono created a design and logo for my project that not only captured my vision, but completely exceeded my expectations.”

“In addition to creating all of my design and brand development needs, they hit the mark on all of the brand assets, including social media images, website assets, and email communication graphics. Pono is one of the best design firms I’ve ever worked with.”

Amy O'Keefe - Director Of Development, Resilience

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